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Farenghast's Kick Yo' Bony Butt Army

By James Hunt

204 pt. Undead Army

Necromancer Farrenghast (15)
Aggra the Hag (10)
3x Crawling Limbs (15)
3x Ghastly Bowmen (12)
3x Undead Cavalry (21)
Dark Sucker (8)
Wraith (9 )
2x Dragonflight (10)
Drallus Worm (6)
Ru Airglider (6)
Helspanth the Fire Drake (16)
Maryziak the Hydra (12)
Golem (10)
Firbolg the Giant (15)

Call to Arms (4)
Zip (4)
Heal (2)
Fire Ball (5)
Surge (10)
Control (8)

Making this army your own:

This army is designed to overwhelm your oponent with fast and large disks while having a couple surprises to counter his strategies i.e. surge and control If you aren't good at the arrow flicking, drop the archers for 4 drakes. Otherwise, use the speed and toughness of this army to tear your opponent apart. Also, try replacing the control with a teleport spell and heal with speed.

Special combinations:

Of course aggra the hag to resurect any of the large disks. Crawling limbs, Maryziak, Helspanth, and Golem make a nice fireball wall. Wraith with zip and speed to activate all your opponent's disks. Make sure to time the zip right so you can overwhelm your opponent with your cavalry, big disks, and dragonflight/wraith/etc.

Opening layout:

1st 6- Helspanth, Maryziak, 3 crawling limbs, Farrenghast
Next 2 from Call to Arms- Golem, wraith
2nd 6- 3 ghastly archers, Aggra, Dark Sucker, Firbolg
3rd 6- 3 Undead Cavalry, Drallus Worm, 2 Dragon Flight
4th 6- Ru Airglider

Early game strategy:

Use Helspanth, Crawling limbs, Marizyak, and Golem to spread out and protect Aggra and other disks from fireballs. Advance at a steady but cautious pace, with crawling limbs in the center.

Middle game strategy:

Try to pick off a couple of your opponent's important disks with the fireball and control spells while protecting your troops with a surge spell and amassing your army for a glorious charge! Also, get your archers in position to cover the center disk.

End Game strategy:

Use Zip to instigate a huge charge that crushes all enemies before you. If, after your charge, you have not crushed them, you have a heal spell and Aggra to keep you army going so you can wear down the enemy and destroy them. Good Luck!


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