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Helspanth & Agra's Dragons

by Dan Morath

100pt. Dragonkin Army
Helspanth (16)
Agra the Hag (10)
5 Drake Warriors (15)
4 Dragon Flights (20)
2 Ghastly Bowmen (8)
Zeegra Warrior Priestess (10)
Da'Roul Bonesplicer (14)
7 points of spells (at least 1 sure aim and then heal, speed, or zip)

Making this army your own:
The reason that there are two level one spell casters is that they tend to get bombed early by fireballs. Zeegra is there as a backup for agra who is the spellcaster you really have to protect.
To make it more spell heavy, drop Zeegra dn add Banada Voodo and drop a drake warrior for more spells

Special combinations:
Agra the Hag to resurect Helspanth or Da'Roul

Opening layout:
1st 6 = Helspanth and all the drake warriors
2nd 6 = Da'Roul, Zeegra, the ghastly bowmen and 2 dragon flights
3rd 6 = Agra the hag and 2 dragonflights

Early game strategy:
Move helspanth and the drakes out in a wedge, keeping helspanth in the middle. He is your rapid reaction force that can provide help if you get attacked and also do hit and runs when appropriate. Move the dragon flights out onto the wings but keep them close enough to pounce if anyone hits your drake warriors. Keep everyone else in the middle and protected from cavalry and spells.

Middle game strategy:

Use either Da'Roul or Helspanth to take out some of your opponenets infantry and heroes. These disks are both useful for taking down the otherside's big boys (T-Rex, Grovan of the Deep, Urgg, Etc). Helspanth can also be used with a speed spell on a deep penetration raid to kill enemy spell casters. He will probably die when the enemy formation collapses on him, but he will take a few of them with him. Don't worry about loosing helspanth, that is what agra is for.

End Game strategy:
Once Helspanth is resurrected, you should be in good position. If you have already used Helspanth and Da'Roul to kill his big disks, you should have the baddest dude on the board. Use helspanth to mop up his infantry and bowmen. Use zeegra and the remaining drake warriors to try and hold onto the middle disk.


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