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by Mike Bialecki

100pt. Army

Brane of Urth (12)
Carpet Rider (9)
Gnomes of Qurinyr x 4 (24)
Fireball Spells (20)
Vigor Spell (6)
Pluse 29 more points... (see below)

So, what is this?:
It's my cheesy attempt at winning the below scenario in 1 turn. The important part of the army is the first 6 disks (obviously).

Special combinations:
The 1-Round-Wonder-Army was built for a specific scenario. Coincidentally, it is the most common scenario we play in our group, which is normal Doom Hill with 100 point armies and 33 mandatory kill points. One other important feature is that the home bases are usually never much more than 2 feet away from the center.

Opening layout:
1st 6 = Brane of Urth, 1 Carpet Rider, and 4 Gnomes of Qurinyr
2nd 6 = The rest of the army doesnt really matter, but should match the non-gnome
spellcaster in affiliation to make the 50% of one faction rule.

Early game strategy to WIN:
Each Gnome is armed with a Fireball and Brane has a Vigor spell. So the 4 Gnomes must kill a total of 33 points worth of enemy disks, the Carpetrider moves about 12 inches from Brane (towards the center), Brane casts the vigor spell on the Carpetrider and the Carpetrider sprints for the center.

Middle/End game strategy:

The major problem with this is that most players (at least the people I play with) start off with fodder for their first 6 disks, which means there is know way the Gnomes will get the necessary 33 kill points. But if you know your opponent and you know he/she likes to start off strong, then give this a try. It never actually worked for me because of the aforementioned problem, but it I did try it. Try it...Let me know if it works for you.


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