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Suckin' Blood

By James Hunt

150 pt. Undead Army
4 Vampires 36 pts.
2 Floating Heads 12 pts.
Aggra 10 pts.
Farrenghast 15 pts.
Firbolg 15 pts.
SpideBeast 18 pts.
Beastrider 10 pts.
Helspanth 16 pts.
Drake Warrior 3 pts.

Teleport 7 pts.
2 Zips 8 pts.

Making this army your own:

Experiment with different tactics of increasing your armies speed. Perhaps you want to drop the 2 zips and the Drake Warrior for a familiar, or replace1 zip with 2 speeds. Another possibility is having two beastriders anddropping Helspanth or something of that nature.

Special Combinations:

Aggra the Hag to resurrect either Helspanth or the Spider Beast Vampires to reduce toughness of disks for Firbolg and Beastrider to trample. Remember, with 1 vampire touching a disk Firbolg can trample a toughness 5 disk and the beastrider a toughness 4 disk, and vampires are cumulative! Finally, use the Floating Heads with the Spider Beast to eat many a disk.

Opening layout:

1st 6 = Helspanth, Spiderbeast, Farrenghast, Aggra, Floating Head, Vampire
2nd 6 = 3 Vampires, 1 Floating Head, Firbolg, Beastrider
3rd 6 = Drake Warrior

Early game Strategy:

With this army, you are most likely going to be outnumbered, so get moving!If there is an oportunity to kill a few disks with trampling, take it! Remember to keep the Spiderbeast and Helspanth positioned to block any fireballs. You must, however, be conservative and do not make any unplanned or rash charges. Concentrate on getting you army into a good position, with your Vampires, beastrider, and Firbolg ready to strike.

Mid game Strategy:

On your opponents turn to go first, allow him to move, then get a floating head into the middle of his army and activate all those disks. You can do this by either teleporting it, or by casting 2 zips and moving it in(this is the preferred approach, since the rest of the army benefits as well). Then, you opponent should hopefully have very few actions left, 3 of which must be used immediately. Make sure you get his spell caster or specialty disks if you can. Now the fun begins, using your vampires first, go in and touch good targets, then use your beastrider and firbolg to trample them! Finally, pin a goodly number of troops with your spiderbeast and some big mean guy with helspanth. If things go right, you should have your opponent on the ropes.

End Game:

Now, after the devistating battle last turn, you get to go first. Try and use your second floating head to activate his men again, perhaps the teleport or zip spell would work well. This may mean that you will need to move a couple of your disks around so they don't get activated as well. Once his men are activated again, repeat the same strategy from the mid game with the Vamp./Beastrider/Firbolg combo. You can also use Aggra to resurrect any disk that has perished in your army that you particularly need. After two turns of well calculated assault of this kind, your oponents army should be slag and you should have a very definintive win.


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