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CONduit 11 - AFMBE

Survival Horror Game Report
by Patrick Clark

Cut ...

The Setting:
A cabin by a privately-owned lake. It's spring break at State University, and while it's a little cool at night, it's nice in the daytime. A perfect getaway for horny undergraduates. I got the cabin floor plan from and dropped in furniture graphics using Microsoft Publisher 97.

The Cast Members:
Three men, three women, all State University undergraduates. Each Player Character is one of the character types from NUELOW: NL04 "Horndogs!", built using AFMBE stats, of course. They're all expecting several days of "up close and personal" time, but they've already forgotten that small military convoy they passed on the way up to the cabin.

The Shambling:
I'll admit to bait and switch tactics here. I used AFMBE in part because players would immediately assume survival horror. I didn't use zombies, though. I used a mad slasher from David Peters' fifth "Psi-Man" book, Stalker. He's a genetically engineered super soldier who can shape-shift to look like almost anyone. He can also harden and sharpen his hands and arms, making them the equivalent of spears, knives, lock picks, etc. Unfortunately, he's psychotic. He was on his way to a maximum-security prison when he escaped from the military, conveniently near the cabin.

The Stalker started by killing the jock, then by sowing blood and confusion in equal parts, he took the jock's form and picked off a couple of additional characters. His fatal mistake was leaving the captured military weapons where the survivors could find them.

... and cut.

Patrick Clark