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CONduit 11 DiskWars

Demo & Sealed Box Report

by James Hunt (SLDWeb ed.)

DiskWars was a great success at Conduit 11 and somewhat nostalgic for all of us Salt Lake DiskWarriors.

We ran a few demos, introducing several new people to the game, followed by a sealed box tournament. The tournament was run by James Hunt, and six people participated. The format was to buy 1 basic box and 1 expansion box (special thanks to Hastru Hobbies for offering them at a special rate again this year), open them up, and create your army. (see our Sealed Box Rules.) The one unique mechanic about this process is the punching of the random disks. In order to help contestants make a more well-rounded army, we have them each pickup one random flat, punch 1 disk, then pass it to the left. In this way, each player can choose how they want to develop their army for the tournament.

Anyway, the battles were long and well-fought. After the dust settled, Bradley and his good/neutral dwarven army were left standing the victor, and all rejoiced. For his hard work and determination, he received a promo disk of the new Helspanth X'Ru.

Congratulations Bradley!


James Hunt
Salt Lake City