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Dungeon Magazine & Dragon Magazine

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Last Updated: 3rd of August, 2006

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Dungeon Magazine Index Dragon Magazine Index
Ranking & Condition Easy-Ordering & Fast-Shipping

Dungeon Magazine Index (1989 +/- 2001)

Dragon Magazine Index - Ranking & Condition - Easy-Ordering & Fast-Shipping
Summer of 2006 Sale = 50% OFF the listed price, which is already 50% off the publishers back-order price.

  Dungeon #18

DUNGEON18 $6 Jul/Aug 89. Irongard, Whitelake Mine, Tallow's Deep, Crocodile Tears, Chadranther's Bane

I would like to thank the following website for their help in gathering all of this information...
TSR/WotC, Inc
 Paizo Publishing, LLC
PatMan Dungeon Magazine Index
Pen & Paper D&D Magazine Index
THOLOS Dragon Magazine Article Index
The Acaeum D&D Knowledge Compendium
...and here is a very interesting link to ENworld's compiled index and list of new monsters that have appeared in Dungeon Magazine over the ages.

Dungeon #19

DUNGEON #19 $6 Sep/Oct 89. Encounter in the Wildwood, Vanishing Village, Serpent's Tooth, By the Wayside, House of Cards

Dungeon #20

DUNGEON #20 $5 Nov/Dec 89. Ship of the Night, White Fang, Pride of the Sky, Ancient Blood

Dungeon #21

DUNGEON #21 $5 Jan/Feb 90. Bane of Elfswood, Cauldron of Plenty, Chest of the Aloeids, Incident at Strathern Point, JAMMIN

Dungeon #22

DUNGEON #22 $5 Mar/Apr 90. Dark Forest, Leopard Men, Tomb It May Concern, Unchained!, Rank Amateurs

Dungeon #23

DUNGEON #23 $5 May/Jun 90. Vineyard Vales, Old Sea-Dog, Deception Pass, Pyramid of Jenkel

Dungeon #24

DUNGEON #24 $5 Jul/Aug 90. Complete index of issues 1-24. Hitch in Time, In the Dread of Night, Thunder Under Needlespire

Dungeon #25

DUNGEON #25 $5 Sep/Oct 90. Of Kings Unknown, Standing Stones of Sundown, Hrothgar's Resting Place, A Rose For Talakara, Hellfire Hostages

Dungeon #26

DUNGEON #26 $5 Nov/Dec 90. Inheritance, Operation Fire Sale, Caravan Guards, Deadfalls on Nightwood Trail, Curse of the Quest, Nine Tenths of the Law

Dungeon #27

DUNGEON #27 $5 Jan/Feb 91. Tarfil's Tomb, Juggernaut, Courier Service, Bride for a Fox, The School of Nekros

DUNGEON #28 $5 Mar/Apr 91. the Pipes of Doom, Maden's Meathooks, Sleepless, Night of Fear, Visitors from Above
DUNGEON #29 $5 May/Jun 91. Nymph's Reward, Ex Libris, Through the Night, 'Til Death Do US Part, Mightier Than The Sword Dungeon #30

DUNGEON #30 $5 Jul/Aug 91. ...And a Dozen Eggs, Elminster's Back Door, Ghazal, A Wrastle with Bertrum, thondar's Legacy

DUNGEON #31 $5 Sept/Oct 91. Beyond the Glittering Veil, Telar in Norbia, A Local Legend, Band of the Shadowborn Dungeon #36

DUNGEON #36 $5 Jul/Aug 92. Asflag's Unintentional Emporium, Troll Bridge, Granite Mountain Prison, The Sea of Sorrow

Dungeon #37

DUNGEON #37 $5 Sept/Oct 92. Serpents of the Sands, A Wizard's Fate, Teh White Boar of Kilfay, Their Master's Voice, The Mus Sorcerer's Tomb,

Dungeon #42

DUNGEON #42 $5 Jul/Aug 93 Whistledown's Mantrap, The Lady of the Mists, Izek's Slumber, ransom, Legacy of the Lioslfar, The Price of Revenge

Dungeon #43

DUNGEON #43 $5 Sept/Oct 93. Jacob's Well, Moving Day, Mayhem at Midnight, King Oleg's Dilemma, Into the Silver Realm

Dungeon #46

DUNGEON #46 $5 Nov/Dec 93. A Hot Day in L'Trel, The Hand of Al-Djamal, Raiders of the Chanth, Train of Events

Dungone #47

DUNGEON #47 $5 May/Jun 94. Shades of Darkness, Quelkin's Quandary, Smouldering Mane, When the Light Goes Out, Fraggart's Contraption, The Assassin Within

DUNGEON #84 $4 Jan/Feb 01. the Harrowing, Demonclaw, the Dyeing of the Light, Dungeon of the Fire Opal, Armistice
DUNGEON #85 $4 Mar/Apr 01. Ever-Changing Fortunes, Lord of the Scarlet Tide, Flesh to Stone, Natural Selection, Bonus Monster Tokens Set #1 DUNGEON #86 $4 May/Jun 01. Anvil of Time, Rana Mor, Stormdancer, Mysterious Ways, Bonus Monster Tokens Set #2 DUNGEON #87 $4 Jul/Aug 01. the Raiders of Galath's Roost, the Cradle of Madness, Glacier Season, Valley of the Snails, the Shalm's Dark Song, Gorgoladand's Gauntlet, Monster Tokens Set #3 DUNGEON #88 $4 Sept/Oct 01. the Door from Everywhere, Thirds of Purloined Vellum, Make It Big, the Seventh Arm, Bonus Monster Tokesn Set #4 DUNGEON #89 $4 Nov/Dec 01. Honor And ETA, Rivers of Blood, Headless, Rage, Wedding Bells

===> Ranking & Condition <===

Dungeon Magazine Index - Easy-Ordering & Fast-Shipping - Dragon Magazine Index

(M) = MINT Item is new and still in shrink-wrap / publisher unopened clear plastic mail-bag, or has obviously never ever been used. Absolutely ZERO detractions. Collector's Grade Item

(NM) = NEAR MINT May or may not be in original packaging (damaged shrink-wrap, opened mail-bag, etc.) with zero/none to one very small detraction. May have very, very light shelf and/or handling wear. Collector's Grade Item

(VG) = VERY GOOD Item may have two or more small detractions. Shelf wear and/or handling use is present. Item is solid but has something that just might hold it back from collector's grade (i.e. light shelf wear and/or light handling use, light scuffs marks and/or tiny nicks, very light spine damage, etc. al.). Items is a solid secondary option for serious collectors and could become a true collector's grade item depending on it's market availability.

(G) = GOOD Item has one and/or more moderate to light detractions. Moderate to light shelf wear and/or handling use is present. May have light to moderate spine damage and/or slightly rusted staple damage. Item looks very decent and would make for an awesome reading, playing and/or show copy.

(F) = FAIR Item has one or more moderate to heavy detractions. Moderate to heavy shelf and/or handling use is present. Moderate to heavy spine damage and/or rusted staple damage is present. Item is still usable but it is aesthetically damaged and is best suited for casual reading and/or the gaming table.

All of these magazines are from my personal collection and NONE of them are below VERY GOOD. They are all 100% complete with all handouts, maps, counters, etc, in the original publishers condition (i.e. nothing has been cut out or detached from the publication) nor are there any pencil/pen marks or highlights unless noted otherwise in the description. Please understand that many of these items are over 15+/- years old, so there just might be a missing component that I have long forgotten about ... unlikely, but possible. If you have any reservations about a particular item contents or condition, please contact me before purchasing.

Dragon Magazine Index (1982 +/- 1992)

Dungeon Magazine Index - Ranking & Condition - Easy-Ordering & Fast-Shipping
Summer of 2006 Sale = 50% OFF the listed price, which is already 50% off the publishers back-order price.

Dargon #64

DRAGON #64 $10 The Assassin Run, Robots for TRAVELER. "Planet Busters" game.

Dragon #65

DRAGON #65 $10 "Monsters of the Midway" game. Celtic mythos.

Dargon #66

DRAGON #66 $10 "Thieves' Cant" dictionary.

Dargon #67

DRAGON #67 $10 Gods of Greyhawk, The Astral Plane, Fedifensor Adventure Jake Jacquet, publisher, leaves.

Dargon #68

DRAGON #68 $10 Weather in Greyhawk, Ice Age Adventuring and Two-Weapon Fighting Weather system insert.

Dargon #69

DRAGON #69 $10 "Arrakhar's Wand" game.

Dargon #70

DRAGON #70 $8 "Mechica" AD&D module (Aztec theme). Metal working for Humans only, Dwarves in Space and How to make the most out of FRP Tourneys

Dargon #71

DRAGON #71 $8 Boot Hill adventure Brimstone, the Blink of a Wizards Eye, Who gets the first swing?

Dargon #72

DRAGON #72 $8 "File 13" game. Cavalier subclass. Gems Galore, Real Barbarians

Dargon #73

DRAGON #73 $8 Inner Plane cube insert. "Forest of Doom" AD&D module, The duelist, Solo Adventures

Dargon #74

DRAGON #74 $10 Seventh anniversary issue. Special dragon & swords sections. Land Dragons, U.N.C.L.E., Combat Computer

Dargon #75

DRAGON #75 $12 "SnarfQuest" comic first appears. "Nine Hells Part 1" article. "Can Seapoint Be Saved?" AD&D module, Mutants

Dargon #76

DRAGON #76 $10 Dragon Magazine Article Index. "Nine Hells Part 2" article, Ecology of the Beholder, The Deathmaster

Dargon #77

DRAGON #77 $8 "King of the Tabletop" game, Tarot of Many things, Elemental Gods

Dargon #78

DRAGON #78 $8 Special Psionics section, Mind Game, Car Chases for TOP SECRET, "Citadel by the Sea" AD&D module.

Dragon #79

DRAGON #79 $8 The Ordeal, Magic Resistance, and "Wacko World" game. Top Secret module.

Dragon #80

DRAGON #80 $6 Keys to DMing Success, Treasures and "Barnacus: City in Peril" AD&D module.

Dragon #81

DRAGON #81 $6 Special poison section, Chariots. "Ruins of Andril" AD&D high-level module.

Dargon #82

DRAGON #82 $6 Curing Monty Haul Malady, Wounds & Weeds, and the "Baton Races of Yaz" game.

Dargon #83

DRAGON #83 $10 Many Facets of Gems, Areas of Knowledge, "Dancing Hut" high-level AD&D module. First Denis Beauvais cover (first in chess-series).

Dragon #84

DRAGON #84 $8 Familiars, Master of the Winds and the "Twofold Talisman" AD&D module. First appearance of ARES sci-fi section. Last "What's New?" comic.

Dragon #85

DRAGON #85 $6 The Cleric Expansion, Beowulf and Ixitxachitl and Part 2 of "Twofold Talisman" AD&D tournament module.

Dragon #86

DRAGON #86 $10 Eighth anniversary issue. New Enchanted Objects, Dragons & Their Deities. Second Denis Beauvais chess-series cover. "Great Stoney Castle" cardboard castle insert.

Dragon #87

DRAGON #87 $6 Beyond Dungeon, Unusual Plants and "Operation Whiteout" Top Secret module.

Dragon #88

DRAGON #88 $6 Falling Damage, Key to Ramali and the "Elephant Hunt" game.

Dragon #89

DRAGON #89 $10 Special shield section. The Sharp-Eyed Sentinel, Survival and a new "Creature Catalog" article. Third Denis Beauvais chess-series cover.

Dragon #90

DRAGON #90 $5 Hold that Person, Bats, Gladsheim and "Aesirhamar" AD&D module (Norse theme).

Draong #91

DRAGON #91 $5 "Nine Hells Revisited" article. Special "Treasure Trove" section. Traveler language skills.

Dragon #92

DRAGON #92 $5 "Sword of Justice" D&D adventure. "Pages from the Mages III" article.

Dragon #93

DRAGON #93 $5 "Gypsy Train" AD&D module. High-level Druids article.

Dragon #94

DRAGON #94 $5 "Creature Catalog II" article. Official Changes for Rangers article.

Dragon #95

DRAGON #95 $5 "Into the Forgotten Realms" AD&D tournament module.

Dragon #96

DRAGON #96 $5 April Fool's issue.

Dragon #97

DRAGON #97 $5 First cover by Robin Wood. "Pages from the Mages IV" article.

Dragon #98

DRAGON #98 $5 Ninth anniversary issue. Special dragonlore section.

Dragon #99

DRAGON #99 $5 "Treasure Trove II" article.

Dragon #100

DRAGON #100 $10 Raised cover. "Saga of Old City" poster. Full-length AD&D module. "Pages from the Mages V".

Dragon #101

DRAGON #101 $5 "Creature Catalog III" article. Kender race article.

Dragon #102

DRAGON #102 $5 "Valley of the Earth Mother" AD&D module.

DRAGON #103 $5 Unearthed Arcana additions & corrections. First mention of AD&D Second Edition plans.
DRAGON #126 $4 DRAGON #128 $4 DRAGON #133 $4 Dragon #141

DRAGON #141 $4

Dragon #143

DRAGON #143 $4

Dragon #144

DRAGON #144 $4

DRAGON #146 $4 Dragon section. Buck Rogers poster. Dragon #147

DRAGON #147 $4

Dragon #148

DRAGON #148 $20 "Deck of Many Things" insert.

Dragon #149

DRAGON #149 $4

Dragon #150

DRAGON #150 $4

Dragon #152

DRAGON #152 $4 Underdark special. Poster.

Dragon #153

DRAGON #153 $4

DRAGON #154 $4 DRAGON #155 $4 "Crypt of Istaris" AD&D module.
DRAGON #156 $4 DRAGON #157 $4 DRAGON #158 $4 14th anniversary issue. Dragon special. Dragon #159

DRAGON #159 $4 Spelljammer section. Poster.

DRAGON #160 $8 Trading cards insert.
DRAGON #161 $4 Dragon #162

DRAGON #162 $4 Halloween special. Poster.

Dragon #163

DRAGON #163 $4

DRAGON #164 $4 DRAGON #165 $4 Naval rules for BattleSystem.
DRAGON #166 $4 DRAGON #167 $4 DRAGON #168 $4 Dragon #169

DRAGON #169 $4

Dragon #170

DRAGON #170 $4 15th anniversary issue. "Dragon Kings" game.

DRAGON #172 $4 Underdark special. DRAGON #183 $4 DRAGON #184 $4 DRAGON #185 $4 Dark Sun monsters. Dragon #188

DRAGON #188 $6 Larry Elmore cover.

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Dungeon Magazine Index - Ranking & Condition - Dragon Magazine Index
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