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01/08/2000 Demo/Tourney Report

(by James Hunt & Dan Morath)


150 pt Doom Hill Constructed Tournament: (see Bracketing and Command Cards for the winner calculation)

With all six players, Pure Armies were the way to go and everybody used the one new terrain disks each to their advantage. Dan won the tourney by fielding an anti-magic/anti-missile Dwarven army that gave everybody a run for their lives. James made a good showing vs. Dan with his Undead, but the Dwarves were just too strong, or "strungthful" as James would say. Fred B. and David C. are new to the tournament scene.

As for the Demo, well, that went as good as the tourney did, with more that six newbies getting their first taste of DiskWars. Sorry no names and numbers this time. And it looks like we've got the University of Utah's gaming group (20+ strong); "Critical Mass" hooked as well! (They'll go for a Sealed Box tourney soon.) The store was packed with Pokemon kids and we got at least two of them into a demo. I think the Button idea just might appeal the most to these little tikes "Do You DiskWars? I do!"

Although the day was almost dampened by the fact that Cthulhu Bob (Hastur Hobbies) misplaced our remaining FFg prize support, I offered up some flats out of my personal stash. The biggest comment was: "We want the third printing dragons (Zolo Hexx / Dooru Dragon) and Alman Null!

It was a great day and fun was had by all...

1st: Dan Morath 6 (+214)
--Pure Dwarves
2nd: James Hunt 4 (+54)
--Pure Undead
3rd: Jareld Tripp 4 (+02)
--Pure Dragons
4th: Fred Bull 2 (-21)
--Pure Elves
5th: David Tripp 2 (-113)
--Pure Elves
6th: David Campbell 0 (-127)
--Pure Undead


 1st Place - Dan  2nd Place - James  3rd Place Jerald
1 Varik Longbeard
1 Olofsam Drummers
3 Stalwarts
1 Beornold Earthsplitter
1 Damlo Hammerfist
1 Grovan of the Deep
1 Suza Mancrusher
8 Regiment of the Anvil
2 Dwarven Blacksmith
2 Crossbows of Tuggarth
2 Iron Golem
1 Fairy Swarm
1 Aggra the Hag
1 Corpse-Thing
3 Crawling Limbs
1 Domathep Lichlord
2 Floating Head
1 Ghastly Bowmen
1 Lampeyes
1 Vhass Frothan
2 Centaur of Kunth
1 Familiar & 1 Freeze
1 Heretic & 4 Peasants
1 Spiderbeast of Xaarx
1 Thalos, Centaur Lord
1 The Mighty Garnoth
4 Dragonflight
4 Darkdrakes
3 Drallus Worm
3 Ballisters
2 Fire-Wyvern
1 Drake Warriors
1 Oboros Rex
1 V'orkass Sorceror
3 Fireball
2 Reflect
1 Feet of Clay
2 Alternation
 4th Place - Fred  5th Place - David T.  6th Place - David C.
4 Deepwood Archers
4 Elven Rangers
2 Elven Sniper
1 Ailan Elorean
1 Iron Golem
1 Golem
1 Prince Leronoth
1 Sure Aim
1 Heal
1 Zip
1 Oberiene Triamlathari
1 Sasquatch
1 Familiar
1 Reflect
2 Heal
3 Sure Aim
1 Highlord Tariannor
2 Riders of the Wood
2 Fairy Swarm
2 Elven Sniper
1 Ailan Elorean
5 Deepwood Warriors
3 Deepwood Archers
1 Prince Leronoth
1 Solonar Avarnoth
2 Dryad
1 Fireball & 1 Rain of Steel
2 Vampire & 1 Wraith
1 Walking Dead
1 Ghost & 1 Ghouls
3 Ghastly Bowmen
1 Banada Voodoo Master
1 Necromancer Farrenghast
1 Dark Sucker
1 Shura Assassin
1 Floating Head
1 Lampeyes
1 Oorlian King of Skeletons
1 Undead Horde

The next tourney is tentatively scheduled for February 12.


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