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02/13/00 Scenario "Siege" Tourney reflections

by Cooper Cazedessus


Number of Players: 2 (one attacker, one defender)
Reinforcements: 6 (Not the first turn)
Starting Disks: 6 (attacker), 12 (defender, placed within 6" of staging area)

Setup: The defender has four Terrain Disks of his choosing, which he places anywhere within 12" of his staging area. After the defender has placed his staging area and Terrain, the attacker places his staging area at least 24" away from the defender's staging area. The attacker has no Terrain Disks.

Victory Conditions: The defender wins if, by the Remove Counters Segment of the tenth round, he still has sole control of his staging area. The attacker wins if one of his Disks is touching the defender's staging area during any Remove Counters Segment.


As you can see, "The attacker wins if **one** of his Disks is touching the defender's staging area during any Remove Counters Segment." Because the setup call for only 24 inches, its really not that hard for the Attacker to Zip/Speed/Teleport/Elven Bard a disk (preferable a flyer with multiple wounds) all the way onto the Defenders Staging Area with his first 6 disks. In the first game an Attacking opponent use a Fairy Swarm to sneak through my Dragon Mountains Terrain to meet the victory condition on the FIRST round. With some luck (i.e., bad Terrain choices by the Defender) an attacking Spiderbeast or other large, multiple wound disk could do the same attack.


"The attacker wins if TWO of his disks are touching the..." (perhaps THREE)? Simple right? It stops the "first turn win" at least, and by the way, who ever called a "one man attack" a Siege anyhoo...and we thought the tenth round was a little long for the Defenders Victory Condition too... perhaps 6 or 8.

In a message dated 2/15/00 5:23:54 PM, writes:

>BTW, another "fix" for the Siege scenario is to change the requirement
>from having a disk on the staging area during ANY remove counters segment to
>having a disk on the staging area during any remove counters segment AFTER
>THE FIRST. It's a litte more artificial, but it's a cleaner fix, IMHO.

The next tourney is tentatively scheduled for March 11th