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05/21/2000 Constructed Tourney Report

by Cooper Cazedessus


Our Constructed Tourney was scheduled right after the 4 hour Sunday Demo of DiskWars, ST: Red Alert! and DT: RangeWars. But we started over an hour late with each of the 12 participants madly constructing 125 point Doom Hill Army Stacks. Just as in the Sealed Box Tournament the day before, we passed out DiskWars Faction Buttons so that each participant was well represented and Hastur Hobbies continued their DiskWars at a discount sale throughout the convention. Thankfully FFG had been forewarned about the large number of interested Salt Lake DiskWarriors along the Wasatch Front (SLC area) that they had sent along an ample supply of Official Prize Support to cover both events and tons of freebies for the newbies.

Although we had planed on hosting "The Battle for Oboros" as our Constructed event, (and I was looking forward to fielding the Oboros the Lich disk in triplicate) the shear number of newbies encouraged us to make it a One on One Doom Hill Scenario. Again we used the simplified version of a win/loss rations to set winners vs. winners and losers vs losers in the subsequent rounds until there was only one undefeated champion. It is very interesting to note that during the Sealed Box Tourney the day before, we had kindly move the Games Workshop Outriders down to one single table, whereas for this Constructed Tourney they simply closed shop and joined in on the fun. DiskWars ruled the Miniatures Suite at CONduit 10 that day...and we all cheered out our best GW-style hoot and holler in victorious celebration.

Again our mix was mostly newbies (some of the folks who gamed in the Sealed Box the day before and some who had only just heard about DiskWars and its Goodness ;-) along with all 4 of the SLDW Core Team members, including myself with a borrowed army. Of the 12 players we had 1 Orcs (Dan Morath), 1 Dwarves (Josh Merril) and 1 Uthuk (Neil Melville), 2 K'Ryth (James Hunt and Mike Bialecki) , 2 Knight (Everett Johnson & Larry Bonilla - both Games Workshop Outriders) and 2 Dragonkin (Shawn Putnam & Cooper Cazedessus) and 3 Elves (Jimmy Davis, Amy Gillespie, Tracia Melville) Army Stacks.

Disappointingly the entire tourney had to be called short because of the Official Convention Closing Time, but not before James was give a good run for his money by Amy Gillispie (a strong newbie with numerous Fireball Spells) and was handed his Army Stack on a stick in a pre-game vs my borrowed Dragonkin army. (And the best part was that it was James who loaned me the disks.) Again, every participant who gamed, got their choice of a Good, Evil or Neutral Big Disk plus an extra MoT or Revised flat for quieting early.

It was another memorable day for the Sale Lake DiskWarriors and fun was had by all...


The next tourney is tentatively scheduled for June 10th at Hastur Hobbies.