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Blood & Prophecy Battle Box

There was not enough support, so Fantasy Flight Games never did print this fixed-flat, non-random expansion for DiskWars. To bad... DiskWars is now out of print!!!

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The Shadow Serpent has awakened, and now is the time of X'ru. But this is no time for superstition, for this is the time of victory and these are the last days.

An alliance of Elves and Acolytes has set out through the Wastelands in desperate attempt to reach the citadel of Llovar. They are exhausted, hungry and hounded by enemies on all sides. Things are about to get much worse.

Each Legions set is a complete game, ready to be played by both beginning and experienced DiskWars players. Legions contains everything you need for a two-player game of DiskWars.

The wise ones say that the Char'gr Wastelands are full of demons. They say evil twisted creatures lurk beneath the earth, lying in wait for unwary travelers.

There is a bad moon rising, full of blood and ill omens. The Great War has come to Thelgrim, and death follows in its wake.

Published by Fantasy Flight Games
Winner of the
Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures Rules
Origins Award 1999
Eight mighty armies have gathered to do battle with magic, steel and cunning. Does your army have what it takes to triumph?

Check out theses unofficial SLDWeb DiskWars Demo rules, a Table-Top.pdf display and a One Page.pdf rules for running DiskWars at sci-fi conventions along with our DiskWars Sealed Box Draft home brewed tourney rules ... all of these items are pre-FFG DiskWars League.

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