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Official DiskWars Demo Set

by Cooper Cazedessus

Introduction & Game Play

At first glance this four flat package setting of the Knights vs Undead looks totally unbalanced because of the numerical disk advantage and the Crawling Limbs disks, but this is not necessarily the case. Another immediately noticeable point is the inclusion of two Creature Disk Key (square disk) that details and explains the "anatomy" of a DiskWars disk. This is a very nice touch. I really liked how easy this game was to set up and play, but it did not have the flair of the standard game (read: Warriors, Archers, and Calvary; see the unofficial SLDW Demo) that I have grown accustom to in DiskWars. The color rules sleeve is easy to follow and well laid out.

Unlike its RangeWars counterpart, all of the disks in this Demo Set are exactly like the normal disks published in there respective sets barring the small FF logo in place of the expansion logo. Therefore, I presume that these disk will be allowed in official tournament style play.

In the demo games we played, the Undead did have a slight advantage because of the extra Death Hounds disk, not the Crawling Limbs. On the other hand, the Knights Wardogs combo is deadly if left unchecked. As is the Falconeer's. Remember folks, this Demo Set is meant to show how the game is played, and it does this quite effectively. Both Faction's Army Cost totals up to 31 points each.

All in all its a great way to show newbies how the general mechanics of how the game works without becoming overly complicated. There is a nice mix of disks and combos and the overall artwork is outstanding. If you have yet to give DiskWars a try (or if you have and you want to show more folks how to play) I highly recommend contacting your local Garrison Commander (or FFG directly) and get your hands on a Demo Set ASAP.

The Demo Disks . . .


 Markers & Counters

1 x Royal Falconeer
2 x Royal Archers
2 x Wardogs
4 Color/Black Rules Sheet
12 x Activation (oversized)
16 x Arrow markers x 16
2 x Square Creature Disk Key
1 x Ghastly Bowmen
1 x Undead Hord
1 x Crawling Limbs
3 x Death Hounds


The Scenario . . .

Hunting Party A Knight hunting party has stumbled across a small contingent of Undead scouts. Now the hunters have to eliminated the Undead before the fiends can report back to their main invasion force.

Number of Players: 2

Reinforcements: None

Setup: Each player places all his Disks in his Arm's set up area. 18" from his opponent's setup area.

Victory Conditions: After the fourth round, total up the Army Point costs of all Disks each player has killed. the player who has killed the most Army Points-worth of Disks is the winner. If there is a tie, play continues until one player is the clear winner.