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L5R DiskWars - Pseudo FAQ v1.3

Official AEG Update: 09-30-00
A Q&A with Raymond Lau - L5R DiskWars Lead Designer at AEG

Note: The Q & A in red are from the official FAQ, or questions from the L5R DiskWars listserv. See end notes...

-Army Pack has eight flats: five black Fixed-rarity flats, two green Common-rarity flats, and one blue Uncommon-rarity flat.
-Booster Pack has four flats: two green Common-rarity flats, one blue Uncommon-rarity flat, and one red Rare-rarity flat.


SLDWeb master's notes: I would like to thank Raymond and AEG from becoming a proactive gaming company in regards to this FAQ. Hopefully it is the first sign of many good things to come. If you, the reader, have a question about L5R DiskWars that is not answered above, by all means send it in. But remember to choose your questions and verbiage wisely. And always check the L5R DiskWars printed rules sheet and this F.A.Q. for the answer.We certainly don't want to flood AEG with tons of common questions that might result in conflicting and hastily written "official responses" that could differ from coast to coast and game group to game group.