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Cry DiskWars & Let Flip the Pogs of War!

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Sympathy for the eBay
Please allow me to introduce myself,
I'm a man of little wealth but excellent taste.

I've been hobby gamer for a long, long year,
since the original D&D, Chainmail and now HeroScape.

And I was 'round when DiskWars died,
it had its moment as head-of-state.
Made dame sure I got some of those pogs,
but pre-painted CMGs sealed its fate.

Pleased to meet you,
hope you guess my roast.

But what's puzzling you,
is the nature of this post!!!

I stuck around at WizKids Games,
when I saw it was a-time for a change.
Collected MageKnight and its dungeon child,
watched Crimson Skies and screamed in vain
I rode a MechWarrior tank,
held a Battle Master's rank.
While the limited edition prizes raged,
until the artillery stank.

Pleased to meet you,
hope you guess my roast, oh yeah.

Ah, what's puzzling you,
is the nature of this post, ah yeah!!!
 I've played HeroScape with glee,
my collection is bulging at the seams.
Searched eBay HeroScape listings,
found expensive custom heroes and teams.
(whoo whoo)

I shouted out, "why pay top dollar on eBay",
for a single miniature or fig.
When, after all, you can make-them-yourself
and find some custom rules on-line, if you dig.
(whoo whoo)
(whoo whoo, whoo whoo)
(whoo whoo)
(whoo whoo) ..........

Just as every thread reader is a possible eBay bidder,
and all of us sinners are saints.
For HeroScape custom figs, just call me "CATterrain",
'cause I'm in need of some restraint.
(whoo whoo)

So if you search eBay sellers "CATterrain",
have some courtesy, have some sympathy,
and place a bid.

Use all your well-learned custom building skills,
I'm selling my entire MageKnight collection to the highest bid, um yeah. (whoo whoo)

Pleased to meet you,
now you've guessed my roast.
Its no longer puzzling you,
you now know the nature of this post!!!


CATterrain we manufacture quality 3-D terrain & flocked game mats for MechWarrior CMG


Here are some of the AFMBE demo modules from GenCon '01. There was a lot of undead at this years con ... from RPGs (AFMBE and Deadlands D20) to CCGs (Grave Robbers from Outer Space) to boardgames (ZOMBIES!!!) Thanks to WoTC and Eden I pulled off running 4 AFMBE

AFMBE pt.1 CONduit 10 Report (thanks Cooper Cazedessus) AFMBE pt.2 CONduit 11 Report (thanks Cooper Cazedessus) and Uterhund's CONduit 11 Report (thanks Patrick Clark) The City at CONduit 11: a GURPS Adventure Report (thanks Cooper Cazedessus)

Check out what SLDWeb had to say about KODT Hack

Twilight Imperium: 2nd Edition Review (thanks Mike Bialecki) and a Thunder's Edge SLDWeb report

MageKnight Rants & Raves and When Magus Attacks Army (MageKnight Rebellion Army thanks Cooper Cazedessus) MK:Rebellion Figures by Faction and a MK:Rebellion Check List (thanks to Pat Dolan)


CONduit (late May, Salt Lake City, UTAH)

1st Sat. (Noon-10PM) Living Greyhawk Game Day for the Kingdom of Nyrond at the University of Utah Orson Spencer Hall, Room #231 & #232.

2nd Sat. (10AM-Noon) ConCom organizing committee for CONduit. (Sprague Library in Sugarhouse) Everyone is welcome & needed.

MountainCon (late September, Salt Lake City, UTAH)

MileHighCon (late October, Denver, COLORADO)

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