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Monday Night Skirmishes Game Report

MoT Bash

by James Hunt

We began our Monday night diskwars session by trading a number of disks between Dan, Mike, and myself (James). After the trading was complete, Dan, Cooper, and myself decided to play a 150 pt. 3-way Doom Hill game while Mike punched and organized all of his disks. We used the following modifications to the standard Doom hill scenario and Army Construction:

Placement: We set-up in an equalateral triangle approximately 18" from the center disk and 34" from each other. We then placed terrain, Cooper going first. He placed an Evil temple a little toward my staging area, inbetween his staging area and the central disk. I then placed my mountain 6" from the central disk and 6" from Coopers evil temple. Finally, Dan placed his scarred land terrain 6" from the center disk and 6" from my mountains, towards his staging area. It would seem that most of the terrain layed on my side of the battle ground.

Opening: Cooper again go to go first, casting Zip with the familiar/Warlock and getting Orthos up in the evil temple. I then cast zip with my familiar/Ceryx and flew my Roc up and pinned Orthos. Dan, having begun with 6 Miasmen, began to move out and establish a defensive line of advancement. Cooper then moved up his 2 Uthuk Yargrin and Da'Roul Bonesplicer. I then displaced (Oops, I just realized that it wasn't entirely legal, since the Roc was in combat, something to remember for next time although I could have just as easily left the roc out of combat) Firbolg with the Roc and Mowed down 1 Uthuk Yargrin, his familiar and the Warlock. Dan moved his Miasmen. The next turn, Cooper came out with some tough disks, so, going first, I decided to teleport Firbolg away, squished another Uthuk Yargrin, and made good my escape onto the center disk. Unfortunately, in my glee I accidentally left my familiar open to attack, and Dan fireballed him, which Wounded Ceryx. Dan continued to form his defensive line and bolstered his ranks with Mucklobbers, Swamp Behemoths, and his spell caster/familiar. In the third turn, Dan went first, moving his Swamp Behemoths among others. Cooper then moved some units towards my flank. Finally, I decided to teleport Firbolg behind Dan's lines and smooshed both is mucklobbers, familiar, and faery swarm, finally coming to rest upon the Farseeker. Dan quickly dealt with Firbolg with three first-blow, extremely mad slugs and I used the healer to heal Ceryx. This, in my opinion, signalled the end of the openings and the beginning of the mid-game.

Mid-Game: Dan continued his quest for the center, while Cooper made bids on each of his flanks, harassing both Dan and myself. Dan responded by pinning Coopers Airgliders with slugs, and attacking his Servants of Yllan. On my flank, I sent T.Rex out to deal with 1 Airglider, Shura Assassin, and a couple Sisters. I killed the Airglider, but T.Rex became pinned by the Shura Assassin when my reflect was deemed ineffective against the Shura Assassin. Dan and I kept a good distance from one another, and I resurrected my familiar. Battle errupted between Cooper and Dan, however, with both sides in at grips with one another. The battle came down to Da'Roul, 1 Servant, 2 Airgliders, T'an Assassin, Orthos, and 2 sisters on Coopers side to Dan's 3 Slugs, Warden, Farseeker, 2 Behemoths, and 3 Miasmen At the end of it, Dan had vanquished Cooper, but at a loss of all of his Slugs and Warden, and wounds to both his behemoths. Simultaneaously, I sent the Roc and Ssylsk Hatchling to unpin T.Rex, losing the hatchling and sustaining 1 wound to my roc but killing 1 Sister and the Shura, and most importantly, freeing the big man.

End-Game: Bolstered by his 19 kill pts. from my army and the carnage with Cooper, Dan made a bid for the center. I had miscalculated how many pts. Dan had received from the last turn, and not interceded when I could have, and so Dan was able to take the center disk with the necessary kill pts., thus winning the game.

Conclusions: It was a fun battle, with all of us trying new and innovative armies. A couple tactical mistakes hurt Cooper, and my pts. calculation error cost me the game. All in all, however, I had a wonderful time wreaking havok with the Giant and my spells, Dan enjoyed the win and playing Mahkim, and Cooper got to give the Uthuk a try.


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