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And so it begins...

by James Hunt

This week we started our Diskwars League play!

Our garrison is aptly called SaltLakeDiskWarriors #156.

All in all, I believe we played 6 games of 150 pt. Doom Hill.

#1 Dan (#1209) and I, James (#1210) had arrived early, so we began by playing each other. I played the "Suckin' Blood" army posted on this web page (minus the drake warrior, 1 zip, and instead with an extra speed and familiar), while Dan played a pure Elven army consisting of 2 Ents, Oberiene, Leronath, familiar, 2 bards, fairy swarm, some basic troops, a warder, and several archers/sniper. This battle ended pretty quickly, with me procuring the 50 pts. and sole control of the center in about 35 mins. I was able to bring most of my vampires to bear and trample an Ent, Fairy Swarm, and other disks, while keeping Dan about 6 to 10 inches from the center. This concluded our first League game.

#2 The second game consisted of Cooper (#1161) and myself. I played the exact same army against Cooper as I had against Dan. Cooper ran an Evil Dragonkin army which included: Oboros Rex, Helspanth, Marizyak, Spiderbeast, Azaelrog, 2 Fire Wyverns, about 4 or 5 dragon flights, the neutral Gene, and some other smaller disks. He chose the mountains as his terrain disk, while I kept with my Evil Temple. Again, I used the Vampires with brutal results, pushing far into Cooper's lines and killing both Oboros, the Familiar, Helspanth, Marizyak, and the Wyverns. By again being super aggressive, I was able to keep Cooper far from the Center disk and win the battle with the 50 kill pts.

#3 The third game of our League was between Dan and Mike (#1213). Dan played his Elven army and Mike constructed a pure Acolyte army which had 2 Rocs, many spellcasters, Skystinger, fairy swarms, the familiar, and a ton of spells. I didn't follow it too closely, but it seemed that Mike took Dan by surprise with the use of a zip and speed spell to land a Roc on Dans home base in the very 1st turn. Dan managed to survive this initial onslaught, killing both the fairy swarm and the Roc. Dan then decided to bring the battle to Mike by bringing both of his Ents and heroes to bear on Mike. Dan was able to kill another Roc, Skystinger, and other disks while tying up Mike close to his staging area, thus allowing Dan to maintain sole control of the center and the necessary 50 kill pts. for a win.

#4 The fourth game was a rematch against Cooper and myself. We both used the exact same armies, the only difference being Cooper took a ruins instead of the mountain terrain disk. Cooper faired much better the second time around. Casting many feet of clays to slow my army down and keep it to a snails pace. Cooper then assaulted my force with his Fire Wyverns, Helspanth, and Spiderbeast. All I can say is, Vampires rock! I successfully routed his assault, trampling both Helspanth and the Spiderbeast with Firbolg and the beastrider. Cooper still got in his licks by destroying my Helspanth among others. Cooper then surprised me with a reflect spell on the center disk, killing my vampire and giving him sole control of the disk with the necessary 50 pts. for the win.

#5 The fifth game consisted of Cooper and Dan. Cooper played the same army as before, but without the Gene or peasants and added a ballister and another 2nd spellcaster. Dan played a pure Uthuk army with some twisted Y'llarth and spearmen. Cooper used a blitzkrieg strategy with zip and speeds to assault the Uthuk army. Dan made a couple tactical errors, and Cooper cast a couple reflects wounding Da'Roul and killing several other disks pinning the Spiderbeast. In the end, Cooper's assault proved too much for the Uthuk and Cooper was granted a strong victory.

#6 The Sixth game saw Mike and I square off. Mike built a pure dwarven army, opting for spell power over the immunity of Varik. He took all the heros, a familiar, about 6 stalwarts, and some peasants/heretic. I changed my army for this last game, constructing a pure evil dragonkin army which included Helspanth, Azaelrog, Oboros, Zolo, Marizyak, Spiderbeast, 2 Fire Wyverns, 2 ballisters, and some dragonflight and drake warriors. For terrain, Mike chose a good temple and I chose ruins. Using my superior maneuverability I assaulted Mike's army with Fireballs, wounding or killing many stalwarts while using some of my heros such as Helspanth and Marizyak to plundge into the dwarven lines. When the dust settled, I had procured the necessary 50 pts. and control over the center disk.

Welp, that's the end of our first SLDW League meeting!


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