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Monday Night Skirmishes Game Report

MoT Bash #2

by Dan Morath and James Hunt

Jarald and I (James H.) played a 150 pt. Helspanth's layer game. I played the exact same Neutral-Good Dragon army as I played against Dan and he played an Uthuk army consisting of- 2 servants, Da'Roul, 2 Spearmen, G'onn, Warlock, 3 stingers, 2 uthuk assassins, with a bunch of spells. We started about 15" from each other and I immediately started threatening him with my stone dragons. He came out strong with Da'Roul and spearmen going after my dragons. I then used TRex to fly over and kill the warlock and Ceryx to pin and wound Da'Roul. He then pinned TRex with 2 uthuk assassins, and Ceryx with 2 servants. I used my Dark Drakes to take out the spearmen, and the Dooru Dragon to take on most of his archers. I killed both the spearmen while taking 1 wound to a stonedragon, and I lost Ceryx and a Stone dragon while killing Da'Roul and wounding a servant. The game was then called in my favor as I had superior numbers and toughness on the field, and I was to move first the next round and pin/kill Jarald's remaining troops.

Devin played a new member to our group in a stand-off game that was called for time.

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