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Monday Night Skirmishes Game Report

Aztec Puzzle Scenario

by Dan Morath

We thought we would try out the Aztec scenario posted in the scenario area on FFG's web page. After talking it through, we made the following modifications to the scenario as posted:

To keep it relatively short, we limited the armies to 75 points
We set the minimum percentage from one army at 75% (army had to 75% one tribe)
To win you had to occupy the middle and destroyed 38 points of opposing armies

We were placed around the table in the following order: Mike, Cooper, James, Dan. The armies we played were as follows (spells not included)

Opening: James came out with Helspanth in the 1st round and cast zip. He moved helspanth to block the entrance between him and cooper. He then moved his crawling limbs towards Dan in an attempt to block the other entrance. Both Cooper and Dan cast zip and headed away from James (fearing Helspanth) and choose the entrances closer to Mike. Mike split his forces in 1/2 and sent some towards each of the doors he was closest to.

Middle: On Mike's right side, his cavalry gained the entrance between him and Dan 1st, but this wing of his army was over taken by Dan and killed within 2 rounds. On his left side, He blocked Coopers windriders with one of his cavalry (trading disk for disk) and got the other night into the building. Cooper was later able to enter the building through the same entrance with Tariannor and his remaining windrider but these pieces were taken by James using Helspanth and accurate fire from the ghastly bowmen. James, having 2 entrances to himself, managed to get both of his undead riders and the death hounds in the maze and near the center area

End: Mike, Having gotten squeezed between Dan and Cooper lost many of his pieces early. Cooper, fighting for one of the entrances with Mike, lost a few disks and had more eaten by Helspanth. James was very close to the 38 points he needed and had one undead rider and his death hounds in sole possession of the center. Dan slowed down fighting his way through Mike but got the points he needed during the fight. James won the game when Helspanth picked up the final points he needed by devouring a tribesman from Ulc. Dan had enough points to win the game but could not get a disk into the middle in time to challenge James for control of the center target.


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