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Monday Night Skirmishes Game Report

Peasant Surprise

by James Hunt

We began by choosing the get the Peseants scenario posted on FFG's web page. We then made the following modifications to the posted rules:

Again, for brevity of play we constructed 75 pt. armies. To win, one had to capture and return to one's staging area 2 of the 3 Peseants. The players were: Mike, Cooper, and James The armies we played were as follows:

Note: Peseant 1 was inbetween Mike and Cooper, Peseant 2 was inbetween Cooper and James and Peseant 3 was inbetween James and Mike.

Opening: Mike began by moving 3 stalwarts towards Peseant 1 and Marizyak towards Peseant 3. Cooper cast zip and moved Marizyak to capture Peseant 1, while capturing Peseant 3 with a dragon flight. James then engaged Cooper's Dragonflight with a Riders of the Wood while moving Leronoth and a Stalwart towards Mike and an archer to support the calvalry.

Middle: Cooper's Marizyak moved to block Mike's onslaught of stalwarts while Peseant 1 began moving towards Cooper's staging area. Mike's Stalwarts managed to pin both the Marshwood troll and Marizyak. Cooper eventually lost control of Peseant 1 to Mike when they attacked a stalwart which was pinning the troll (in order to deal a wound to the stalwart). The battle raged on between Cooper and James for control of Peseant 2 as Cooper sent his 3 Drallus Worms and 2 Dragon Flights, assisted by a zip, against James' 2 cavalry and an Anvil Regiment supported by 1 archer. Mike's Marizyak captured Peseant 3, but was immediately pinned by James' stalwart. Mike then began bringing in his Drake Warriors, Anvil Regements, and Dragonflight to bolster his position while James maneuvered his Anvil Regiments, Deepwood Warriors, Leronoth, and an archer to meet Mike's forces.

End: Cooper's forces around Peseant 1 were pinned by Stalwarts, allowing Mike to move Peseant 1 back to his staging area. At the same time, James proved victorious in the fight to control Peseant 2 by using a Sure Aim spell at a critcal moment and crushing Cooper's forces while losing 1 calvalry unit. Peseant 2 then proceeded towards James' staging area. Mike lost most all of his Drake Warriors to Leronoth and Elven Bard speeded warriors. In one last bid, Mike brought out Firbolg and crushed a Deep wood warrior. James then used another Deepwood warrior, along with a shielded calvalry and the 2 archers to kill Firbolg and the rest of the Drake warriors. Leronoth and the Stalwart then killed Marizyak, leaving Leronoth to capture Peseant 3 while the last Riders of the Wood captured Peseant 1 on Mike's staging area. The game was then called in favor of James


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