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Monday Night Skirmishes Game Report

Four on the Floor DiskWar,
A 1 on 1 on 1 on 1 DoomHill battle.

by Mike Bialecki

We were a little rushed for time, seeing as that some newbies were going to show up and learn how to play around 7PM, so we decide to go for a quick 100 point four-way battle for Doom Hill. We were also honored by Dan's presence, he has been absent for the past two Monday Nigh Skirmishes. The players were: Mike, James, Dan, and Cooper, seated in that order around the table. The armies we played were as follows:

Open: Straight from the beginning Cooper and I were shaking in our boots. We both lack the big dragons while our two comrads each have both and enjoy playing them. In fact, they enjoy playing them so much, they often take Aggra the Hag along with the big dragons just so they can play em twice in one game. For those who dont know, Aggra the Hag is a level 1 spellcaster who can sacrifice herself for 1 dead friendly unit. Anyway, as usual play started off slow as people were setting up their defensive perimeters and getting their archers in strategic positions. After the second turn or so, Cooper got impatient and flew his 2 carpet riders for a quick attack on one of my Regiment of the Anvils, despite my numbers advantage and plenty of yet-to-be activated units. Consequently he lost both Carpetriders, while taking only one of my infantry. In the same turn he attacked Dan with a dervisher and lost that as well. A lesson here; always be aware of how many yet-to-be-activated disks a player has before you attempt a sneak-attack. Also, patience is a virtue. The rest of the beginning-game went relatively uneventful except for a quick fireball from Jamess T.Rex that took out Dans Zeegra. [Note: Cooper made a solemn oath to never again attack first. (-ed)]

Middle: The midgame starts as I manage to pin Jamess T.Rex with a Fairy Swarm (an often underrated disk). Dan, youve got 4 turns to get your ass in gear to take out Jamess Aggra, I politely suggest to Dan. Unfortunately, Dan has something else on his mind, namely Victory. Instead of using those 4 turns to take out Aggra, Dan attacked the T.Rex with DaRoul, securing himself a whopping 25 kill points. He feigns movement towards Aggra and makes up the other 25 necessary killpoints by picking on the weakening Cooper. James, clearly distressed over the fate of his T.Rex, came up with a brilliant idea. He began shooting his own T.Rex with his own archers. By this strategy, he was attempting to kill and resurrect T.Rex before Dan could take out his Aggra The Hag. This event marked the transition towards the endgame.

End: The turn in which T.Rex was finally being killed marked the end of the game. Dan made a few small attacks that would assure him 50 kill points, then quickly positioned his Helspanth onto the center disk. Cooper, in an attempt to thwart Dans victory, attacked Helspanth with Firbolg. My slow Dwarves just couldnt get their sorry asses to that center disk but they did attacking Firbolg since that allowed Dan to use his sure aim to target the Dervishers. Well, one thing lead to another and after the final all-out-showdown Dan's Helspanth was sittling alone on the center disk with 2 wounds and 50 kill points under his belt. A decisive victory for Dr.Morath.


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