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Cry Red Alert! & Let Flip the Pogs of War!

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Published by Last Unicorn Games under a license from Fantasy Flight Games
Official Red Alert! FAQ and SLDWeb Pseudo FAQ v1.3
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Welcome to Red Alert!, the fast-paced space combat game set in the Star Trek universe. In Red Alert!, you and your fellow players build fleets of ships, arm them with crew, and outfit them with unique technologies. Select a scenario, arm your fleet, and prepare for battle! --ST:RA Rules v0.9

Common flats are C101-C120, Uncommon flats are U121-U140, Rare flats are R-141-R160, and finally the Fixed flats are F161-F200.

As for typos and errors; F195 dose not exist, instead F185 was printed twice. F199 has the number printed to close to the edge and therefore shows up on the top of F194. Finally F100 should be F200.

Starters: 8 flats per box, 8 boxes per display, 10 displays per case = 640 flats per case, or 320,000 total flats.

Boosters: 4 flats per pack, 12 packs per display, 10 displays per case - 480 flats per case, or 240,000 total flats.

Grand Total: 560,000 Red Alert Flats! in circulation.


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