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Red Alert! - Missions

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Mission Type Theft
Players 2 to 4
Point Value 100
Teams 2
Factions Any vs. Any

Mission: A covert strike team has infiltrated an enemy ship and captured it! They are heading for friendly lines, but enemy forces are in hot pursuit.

Setup: Both teams select the races they wish to play, then designate one player as the "Hijacker". The hijacker may select one ship of the opposing race before fleets are chosen. The hijacked ship starts in the middle of the table, all other ships start within Range: 1 of their respective table ends.

Restrictions: The hijacker may place his own crew on the hijacked ship as he wishes, but the ship's crew was able to sabotage several vital systems before being eliminated. No upgrade tech may be chosen for this ship, and the maximum speed is reduced to 2 (non-modifiable).

Both sides: Points for ships
Hijacker: Points for hijacked ship if it leaves friendly end of the table
Pursuit: Double points for destroying hijacked ship
Triple points for recapturing hijacked ship and escaping friendly table end

- Phoenix

"Redemption" - the Klingon Civil War (part I & II).
by Phoenix (Kevin E. Allen) <>

Part I
Mission Type Civil War
Players 2 to 4
Point Value 60
Teams 2
Factions Klingon vs. Klingon

Part II
Mission Type Blockade
Players 2 to 4
Point Value 100
Teams 2
Factions Romulan vs. Federation

"The Pegasus" by Will <>
Mission Type: Search and Recover
Players: 2
Point Value: 60
Factions: Starfleet vs Romulans

In a message dated 10/16/00 10:06:05 AM, writes:
<<You should beef up the Cube. It should regenerate Hull as well as Shields, although I don't remember how much we decided it should regenerate per phase.>>

We blew the Borg Cube up pretty quickly when we played that scenario at Origins, basically one player zipped in and took it down with 3 ships. Then we made a few changes and re-read the scenario, and it was MUCH tougher the next few times we played it.

Just my thoughts.
Brian <>