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Red Alert! & Origins 2000

by Earl Lindsay

SLDWeb Masters Note: This is purely before the fact information. It is place here solely for the interest of those who are interested... SLDW endorses all disk games... be they good or bad... Cry Disk Games & Let Flip the Pogs of War!


Red Alert will probably be late next month. The product was still being boxed at Origins time. They took a preorder of it to Origins. They didn't have enough to sell so they were giving product out to those who demoed it at their booth and to those who paid for their events. My friend and I managed to get 3 starters and 3 boosters each. We got One Federation, one Klingon, both Romulan, the Ferengi and Cardasssian starters sets.

The flats are coded to represent if they come with a starter box or if they're common, uncommon or rare. They are numbered 1XX probably representing the first release. It appears that there are less than 100 flats.

The game is solid. There will need to be some minor clarifications made though. LUG is planning a "League" ranking system and looking to go for tournament play. It will be interesting to see where they go. Most people I talked to were just interested in adapting the system for their roleplaying games and making disks to represent their characters.