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Red Alert! - Pseudo FAQ v1.3

Official LUG Update: 11-23-00
A Q&A with Matthew Colville from Wizards of the Coast South a.k.a. LUG


A: No. Something that got left out of the printed version of the game, is the keyword *Unlimited.* All base Security and Away Team guys are unlimited, meaning you can have as many as you'd like on a ship. All other disks have a limit of one per ship. This is different than Unique, meaning 1 per game (all players). Note: You can only have one Captain or one Admiral on a Starship at the start of the game. During the game, you can only have one Captain or one Admiral REVEALED on the Satrship and any one time.
A: It's not a typo per se. The rules for Cloaking Devices are covered in the rule book. There was no way we could fit those rules on a disk. So the cloaks have flavor text describing what they are. Their rules are contained elsewhere.




A: According to the rules, it's per order phase. We may errata this and change it to once per turn. If you're playing with Initiative every phase, then it's determined before orders are revealed. If you're playing with it once per turn, it's immediately after revealing crew. Initiative doesn't change that much throughout the game, so I encourage you to use the method that works best depending on the number of people playing.
A: Issuing an AC/T order allows you to activate one crew member or piece of tech. Some crew themselves can execute an order and then activate something else, but this is a function of that crew disk, not the AC/T order in general.
A: Actually, we've had the opposite experience. Because disks in DiskWars can always move in any direction, there's a lot of 'play' in the movement. We intentionally chopped the tops and bottoms of the disks off so that they have to move in a straight line. Obviously it's not absolutely precise, but Red Alert! isn't simultaneous. We don't encourage people to play expecting a high degree of precision. Change Heading hasn't presented a problem, you're just rotating the disk, it doesn't actually move.
A: Life Support crits simply prevent your crew from using their orders. It doesn't effect their special abilities (note the wording on the crit) nor does it change their activation state. And it remains true as long as you have that crit. If you can remove the crit, it stops producing that effect.
Some crits produce an affect that's instantly resolved (remove all revealed bridge crew from play.) Once you've taken that crit, your bridge crew are dead. If you remove that crit later, with an engineer for instance, your crew don't ressurect.
Other crits, like the Life Support crit, limit the functionality of the ship. If these crits are removed, the effect stops. In both instances, it's still to your advantage to get rid of the crit, since if you take another one, you're ship explodes.
A: If you ignore the hits then it's just as though they never happened. They don't count as hits for anything, including criticals and special tech (like the attack again if you score three hits.)




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