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Star Trek - Red Alert!

~ Scenarios Spoiler listed by Flat Number ~

If anyone would be so kind as to type up the special stats., mission text, scenario setup and victory conditions for the above scenarios, I'll gladly post them ASAP.





Mission Type


C109 160 Starbase 112 Blood and Honor Heavy Siege 4 - 6 Klingon vs. Federation
C110 70 Barradas III Barradas Gambit Planetary Survey 2 - 4 Ferengi vs. Federation
C111 75 Menthar Booby Trap Booby Trap Type Rescue 2 Any vs Any
C112 85 -none- The Enemy Rescue 2 - 4 Any vs. Any
U129 140 Minos Arsenal of Freedom Planetary Defense 2 Any vs. Any
U130 350 Vulcan The Siege at Vulcan Siege 6 - 8 Romulan vs. Federation
U131 120 Crystalline Entity Silicon Avatar Alien Assault 2 Any vs Any
U132 140 Klingon Prototype Enemy of the Empire Heavy Strike 4 - 6 Cardassian vs. Klingon
R149 400 The Borg Cube Against the Borg Alien Invasion 1 - 6 Borg vs. Any
R150 80 Tkon Ship Derelict Exploration 2 Any vs. Any
R151 130 Temporal Anomaly A Wrinkle in Time Exploration 2 - 6 Any vs. Any
R152 180 The Probe The Probe Exploration 2 - 6 Any vs. Any
F163 80 S.S. Chalga The Gauntlet Mobile Defense 2 - 4 Federation vs. Any
F168 120 Delphi Ardu The Last Outpost Recovery Strike 2 - 6 Federation vs. Any
F173 100 Command Base The Neutral Zone Threat Defense 2 - 4 Romulan vs. Any
F178 80 Aegis Array Listening Post Siege 2 - 4 Romulan vs. Any
F183 50 Pulsar Incursion! Deep Space Strike 2 Klingon vs. Any
F188 100 Klingon Convoy Come Out, Come OutÉ Raid Defense 2 - 6 Klingon vs. Any
F193 60 Badlands The Howling Storm Threat Defense 2 Cardassian vs. Any
F198 55 -none- The 34th Rule of Acquisition Financial Opportunity 2 Ferengi vs. Any


Flats with Orders and Miscellaneous Color Chits
Flat Torpedo Faction Crit Color - Flat Torpedo Faction Crit Color
F194 Cardassian Dk. Green - F184 Klingon Orange
F195 Cardassian Orders - F185 Klingon Orders
F164 Federation Rose  - F189 Klingon Red
F165 Federation Orders - F190 Klingon Orders
F169 Federation Purple - F174 Romulan Tan
F170 Federation Orders - F175 Romulan Orders
F198 Ferengi Lt. Blue - F179 Romulan Lt. Green
F200 Ferengi Orders - F180 Romulan Orders

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