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Official RangeWars Demo Set

by Cooper Cazedessus

Introduction & Game Play

In this four flat packaged setting the Sweetrock Mining Co. must battle it out with the Blackjacks over a few rocky outpost somewhere outside of town. I really liked how easy this game was to set up and play, but it did not have the "town" flair of the standard game that I have grown accustom to in RangeWars. The color rules is so easy to follow and well laid out that I would recommend it as a quick rules supplement to the official RoP booklet.

It is important to note that not only are most of the Dudes a little different (read: name changes, costs and special abilities), but they also have a an outlined red "D" printed on each disk to signify that it came from the Demo Set. Therefore, I presume that these disk will not be allowed in official tournament style play. Click here if you would like to trade for one of these RangeWars Demo sets.

In the demo games we played, the Sweetrock Mining Co. did have a slight advantage because all of their dudes have shootin' and a better Vigor overall. On the other hand, the Blackjack Extortionists (with which they have the numerical disks advantage) are deadly in Brawlin' stacks and could easily turn the tides in their favor when they effectively use the Terrain for cover. Both Outfit's Ghost Rock Cost totals up to 32 points each.

All in all its a great way to show newbies how the general mechanics of how the game works without becoming overly complicated. There is a nice mix of special abilities used (Sneaky, Two-fisted, Fleet-footed and Ambush plus Pistols and Rifles) and the overall artwork is outstanding. If you have yet to give RangeWars a try (or if you have and you want to show more folks how to play) I highly recomend contacting your local Garrison Commander (or FFG directly) and get your hands on a Demo Set ASAP.

The RangeWars Demo Disk Set . . .


 Markers & Counters

Sweetrock Mining Co.
1 x Low-down Varmint
1 x Supply Line Raider
4 x Extortionist
see the spoiler for stats
4 Color/Black Rules Sheet
8-King Black Hearts Cards
8-King Black Diamonds Cards
8 x BJ Brass Bullets (small)
8 x SMC Brass Bullet (small)
2 x Double Sided Rock Outcropping
2 x Sweetrock Troubleshooter
3 x Sweetrock Foreman
see the spoiler for stats


The Scenario . . .

Desert Showdown A group of Sweetrock Mining enforcers has tracked down a few Blackjacks in the desert outside of town. There's not a whole lot of cover out here, just a couple rock outcropping, but the Blackjacks aren't about to go down without a fight.

Number of Players: 2

Setup: Each player places all his dudes in his Outfit's setup area, 18" form his opponent's setup area. Two Rock Outcroppings Terrains are placed 6" from each other and both staging areas.

Victory Conditions: During the Victory Phase of the fourth round, total up the ghost rock cost of the Dudes each player has aced. The players wit the highest total wins. If there is a tie, play continues until there is a winner.