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Deadlands - Doomtown:RangeWars - Ghost Creak

~ Check List listed numerically ~

(Note: A feel free to varify this info and if you have typed up a spoiler, even a partial one, please send it my way.)

GC01 Beauchamp's Riflemen, Virgil and Nadine Walker GC35 Runaway Mine Car * 2, 2 Spells
GC02 Morgan Hired Gun * 4 GC36 Tunnel Crew * 2, Overtime Volunteer * 2
GC03 Rough Rider * 3, Ranch Wife * 2 GC37 Spirit o' Vengence, Mucky Stiff, Crawlin Confederate, Jackalope, Sister Sara Venger
GC04 Baggage Car/Stage Coach, Station, Mine Entrance/Telegraph GC38 Logging Car/General Store, Trees/Brothel
GC05 Rifle Brigade, Glom GC39 Dire Wolves, Wendigo
GC06 The Baron's Helpin' Hand * 4 GC40 Deperado * 4
GC07 Jenkins Assistant * 3, Corrupt Marshall * 2 GC41 Pale Horse Rider * 2, Horse Thief * 3
GC08 Rails (sm)/House, Rails/Mining Outfitter GC42 Rails (sm)/House, Rails/Post Office
GC09 Morgan Slaughterhouse GC43 Hanged Man Saloon
GC10 Rooftop Killer, Gremlins, Crawlin Confederate, Undertaker, Margot Dupont GC44 Patterson's Lieutenant, Double Barrel Surprise, Amos Hawthorne, the Harbinger, Labor Negotiator
GC11 Night Haunt, Backstage Vamp, 5 Spells GC45 Elizabeth Dupont, Madame Zokov, 5 Spells
GC12 Gunnery Officer, Payin Customer, Zack Tyler, Hungry Dead GC46 Kentucky Pistoleer * 3, Rebel Spy
GC13 Locomotive/Butcher Shop, 5 Spells GC47 Fence/Telegraph Office, 5 Spells
GC14 Hangin Judge, Free Range Cowgirl, 5 Spells GC48 Wasatch Sniper, Shale Congaree, 5 Spells
GC15 Corporal Hix, Lighting Gunslinger. Osman Whateley, Eagles Child GC49 Auxiliary Rifleman * 3, Rebel Spy
GC16 Field Cannon (3.5") GC50 Horse Carriage (3.5")
GC17 Special Division HQ GC51 Corporate Office
GC18 Raidin Party, Hangman's Posse GC52 Devil Bat, Dixon's Moles
GC19 Clown Of Tears * 4 GC53 Library Security * 3, Mutagen Test Subject
GC20 Angry Mime * 3, Pox Carrier * 2 GC54 Library Patrons * 4, Pneumatic Tranquilizer System
GC21 Hill/Newspaper, Watering Hole/Brothel GC55 Passenger Car/Manor House, Mine Entrance/Law Office
GC22 Angry Mob, Rancher's Union GC56 Raidin' Party, Angry Mob, 2 Spells
GC23 High Plains Robber, Livestock Internalist, Raven Daughter, California Greenhorn GC57 Loose Cannons * 4
GC24 Arizona Reinforcements, Society Belle, Mercenary Manhunter, Dead Shot, Guardian Spirit GC58 Midnight Home Defender * 2, Junior Deputy * 3
GC25 River (sm)/Watertower, River/Boarding House GC59 River (sm)/Watertower, River/Barber Shop
GC26 Duponts Curiosity Shop GC60 Hayes Theatre
GC27 Hardened Veteran, Sawbones, Jackalope, Ramblin Rustler, Crawlin Confederate GC61 Sergeant, Range Stalker, Speaks to Lightning, Soul Thief, Crawlin Confederate
GC28 Harold McCain, Black Masked Stranger, 5 Spells GC62 Wiley LaRue, Festers the Wound, 5 Spells
GC29 Special Div Field Tester, Six Shootin Medicine Man, Gal with No Name, Hector Swenson GC63 Eustace Dupont, Diseased Actress, Creek Panner, Augustus McAlister
GC30 Rock Outcropping/Manor House, 5 Spells GC64 Cemetary/Schoolhouse, 5 Spells
GC31 Kendall Craven, Badlands Bandit, 5 Spells GC65 Night Haunt, Claim Jumper, 5 Spells
GC32 Town Drunk, Hell Bent Gunfighter, Knife Runner, Miles Fisher GC66 Trail Boss, Miwok Trickster, Clarice Cantrell, Blackjack Recruiter
GC33 Steam Wagon (3.5") GC67 Steel Dragon (3.5")
GC34 Confederate Camp GC68 Fontaine Memorial Library

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