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Range Wars Whately Strategy

As for Whateley Strategy: (some of this is totally obvious) I hope that helps ... if anybody else has some strategy they would like to share (or add to mine) with the board and if we can get some for each gang, I'll post them all on my SLDWeb page.

The Whateleys (Black Clubs)
Use Hucksters to your advantage, but don't over do it (one or two, with two or three spells = one combo, two max) and start with the Dupont Curiosity Shoppe for cheaper starting and new recuit Hucksters then go for the Victory Points win with your Lycanthropes if you can't out gun them.

-Abigail Dupont ... too expensive to help your Hucksters IMHO
-Amos Hawthorne ... extra 5 PR per turn, a must have in your gang
-Baron's Helping Hand ... OK, but only 2 V, ouch, he's dead
-Cassandra Whately ... a lucky shot and your only shaman but to expensive
-Corrupt Marshal ... another expensive dude but lots of bullets, maybe just one
-Dr. Brown Jenkins ... nice trait and a lucky shot at that plus 3 I and 4 V for only 7 pts
-Dupont Coven Witch ... you've got to have at least two of 'em
-Dupont Lycanthropes ... use them to your full-speed advantage
-Dupont Monster Hunter ... your only riflemen and a sniper at that
-Eliazbeth Dupont ... strong I, P, BR, and V, but I don't have any Dire Wolves
-Eustace Dupont ... check out this 5 V Huckster for only 7 pts
-Hezekiah Whateley ... OK, but Margot or Eustace are better
-Jenkins' Assistant ... a strong BR disk who can shoot for only 6 pts
-LaCroix' Hired Hand ... a sneaky shooter who can't be quickdrawed on
-Margo Dupont ... a lucky shot huckster, the best in the game IMHO
-Osman Whateley ... your backup Huckster and brings back your dead
-Walkin' Dead ... unearthly and brass bullet immunity, nice
-Whateley Family Servant ... cheap and strong BR with a fast P

--->Spells and Combos
-Soul Blast is your only "silver" bullet in the gang ... and its rifle range
-Shadow Man or Missed Me, then Poltergeist next turn ... the 5+/- Jolt bomb
-Missed Me! plus Spirit of the Wolf on D.Lycanthropes and/or W.F.Servant ... smack down
-Magic Bullet plus Rapid Fire on D.M.Hunter's rifle ... long range flying lead