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DiskWars Sealed Box Draft Tournament Rules

by Mike Bialecki & Cooper Cazedessus


The Set-Up

1) Each player must have 1 unopened, sealed box of Revised DiskWars Army Set, (optional; add MoT Army Set and/or Wastelands Reinforcement Pack in equal numbers for all players). The particular faction is his/her choice for the Sealed tourney.
-Note: For this tournament, Dwarves are considered good in alignment, see next entry.

2) Players then sit in a circle.
- There should not be more than 4 to 6 people in a circle.
- Break them up into even groups if necessary, and separate them good - evil - good - evil, etc, al.
- Roughly the same number of good and evil boxes per group is preferred, but not mandatory.

3) Players open their boxes and set the brown (fixed) flats to the side. This is their base army stack.


The Draft

4) Players then choose one of their purple (random) flats and punch 1 disk from it.
- 1 Creature OR 1 Spell per draft pick round
- Unlimited number of defensive drafts (i.e. choosing a disk that you know you can't use in your current tournament army but would like to own for your DiskWars collection.)

5) After one (1) disk has been chosen, each player passes the punched flat clockwise. All flats are passed SIMULTANEOUSLY.

6) If a player receives a flat that has been completely punched, he/she picks another of his random flats to punch one (1) disk from and pass around. (That way, they always get the first draft/ choice out of the purple (random) flats from their box.)

7) Repeat until all disks have been taken, but continue to pass simultaneously.

8) Once the drafting is done, trading is strictly forbidden until AFTER the tournament.


Game Play

9) Players then construct legal 75 point armies from their disks. Games will be played strictly by the FFG official Rules Of Play and the most recent Official FFG F.A.Q. NOTE: players may change their armies around between matches but may only use their original brown flat disks and those disks received during the draft.

Play Doom Hill: 1 on 1
Army Size: 75
Starting disks: 6
Reinforcement: 6
Kill Points: 25
Surface size: 4 X 3

There are approximately four (4) forty-five minute rounds. In the First round, everyone is paired randomly. In the Second round, players are paired-up according to how well they have done, Winners play winners; losers play losers in order from best to worst. The Third and Fourth rounds are paired in the same manner as the second round.

After four rounds of play, the Tournament Winner is determined by how many games they actually won. If there is a true TIE, flip a disk!
10) The most important aspect of the tourney is to make sure everyone has fun.