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===> SLDWeb DiskWars For Sale <===

Last Updated: 11th of August, 2006

Hello fellow DiskWarriors and thanks for looking ...
All items are priced to give you and idea as to what I think the item is worth based on my recent eBay sales. If you find something you want, but you think my price is way out of line, please make me an offer. I'd rather sell the entire faction off, than have folks cheery pick a few select disks ... but anything is possible.
All flats and disks are in publishers excellent condition and have been stored with great care. I can mail your item(s) anyway you choose, anywhere in the world. You can have your item(s) as fast as you want them ... or as cheap (and as slow) as possible, you decide. Insurance is your option, please buy with confidence and see my eBay auctions page with 99% positive feedback and a 7-year sales history.
Cry DiskWars & Let Flip the Pogs of War!!!
CONTACT: Please e-mail with your purchases / trade offers or shipping questions.

~ This is what SLDWeb has for sale and/or for trade ... ~

Promotional disks and memorabilia from; FFG, DiskWars, RangeWars and L5R DiskWars...
DiskWars Army Buttons
All ten factions and two FFG buttons (2 1/4") in factory sealed white manila envelope
DiskWars Ruler x 14
12 inch long cardboard rulers with 3, 6, 9 and 12" markings for spells & missile measurement
$1.00 each
Rules of Play
DiskWars x 4
MoT x 6
Wastelands x 2
WPath x 3
Legions x 1
 Brand New XL DiskWars T-shirt
Never used, never washed, green shirt, with 10x10" color image of Da'Roul Bonesplicer
Demo Set x 2
Knights vs.
the Undead
5 flats & demo rules
(click here for stats)
$2.50 each

Color DW Rules Preview x 25
0.05$ each
===> DiskWars PROMO Singles <===
(click here for these promo stats)
Aargolan Celevran $4.00
3 x Alliance Guildmaster $3.00
2x Oboros the Lich w/ ...
Bones disk & 5-page tourney $4.00
L5R Dairya / Demon Bride Flat $4.00
RW Alliance Abomination $5.00
RW Buzzsaw Automaton $5.00
RW Demon Hunter $5.00
Demo Set x 2
Sweetrock Mining
vs. the Blackjacks
5 flats & demo rules
(click here for stats)
$2.50 each

DW League Member Cards x 29
0.05$ each

Complete Flats are listed per Expansion and Single Disk are listed per Faction...
Legions Box Set #3 = $15.00
Massacre at Godstone Keep
Knight & Uthuk Army Disks Stats
Map of Mennara & Q-S Rules
Legions Rules of Play,
plus the following extras...
Village Terrain disk
Desert Terrain disk
Staging Area disks x4
... and these rules ...
Wastelands Rules of Play
Waiqar's Path Rules of Play
Moon Over Thelgrem RoP
DiskWars Rules of Play
... plus all these extra disks ...
Alchemist w/ Elixir
Alliance Guildmaster PROMO
Alman Null
Archmage Thowyll
Baron Gradir PROMO
Bishop of Utaauo
Children of Pestilence
Da'Roul Bonesplicer
General Cordwain
Heavy Horse Cavalry x3
Kam'llotan Uthuk x2
King Falladir
Lucera the Pious
Men At Arms x4
Morgaine of Bellwayne
Prince Lelwellyn
Princess Gwynneth
Scavengers of Yux x2
Shur Assassin
Sir Aragon the Brave
Sir Beowyn
Sir Corwyn
Sir Danyr
Sisters of Q'aro Fenn x2
Standard Bearer
T'ann Assassin x2
Unclean Ones x2
Wardogs x3

UNDEAD = $15.00
Banada Voodoo Master
Banada Zombie x3
Barghest x2
Carion Lord
Corpse-Thing x3
Crawling Limbs x4
Dark Sucker x2
Domathep Lichlord
Floating Head x2
Ghastly Bowmen x3
Ghouls x3
Giant Flies x2
Graveyard Rats x2
Harbringer x2
Lampeyes x4
Layrya the Banshee x2
Legion of Bones
Soul Leach x2
Undead Hoard x2
Undead Riders x2
Vampire x6
Walking Dead
Wraith x2

K'RYTH = $15.00
Cha'Taga Mother
Char'gr Monkey x2
Doppleganger x2
Greater K'zayas Spawn x5
K'Toraz the Small & Great
K'zauas Master
K'zayas Carrier x2
Ka Taruul x3
Kortakays x2
Lesser K'zayas Spawn x9
R'Karg Nest Terrain x2
Seeker x2
Uhk'set Waspx2
Worm of the Wastes
Zhoth Tangler x2
===> UnPunched
Flats <===
Waiqur's Path = $25.00
01-09, 11-18, 20-45,
47-57, 60-62
(57 of the 62 flat set)
plus these six extra flats
7, 22, 31, 34, 47, 57
or extra flats for 0.25$ each
Do You Have?
Waiqar's Path
flats I want / need
10, 19, 46
I'll trade you for them!

===> UnPunched
Flats <===
Moon Over Thelgrum = $5.00
07x2, 24x5, 27, 53, 55x4, 61,
63x4, 66, 67x5, 68x3
or 0.25$ a flat

MAHKIM = $15.00
Alpham the Farseeker
Doloch Wielder x5
Dri the Wosk Warden x2
Duphrim Healer x2
Frogs of Muukra x3
Great One x3
Keeper of the Mist
Lephram Duesich
Mahkim Warparty x3
Mahkim Warriors x8
Miasmen x6
Muck-lobbers x4
Naphrian Spy x2
Net-Master x3
Nothaala Shellbeast x2
Rhaq Lophram
Servant of the Mist
Swamp Behemoth x3
Warleader Mathan
Wosq Marsh Slugs x3

DWARVES = $3.00
Beornold Earthsplitter
Brane of Urth
Damlo Hammerfist
Dwarven Blacksmith x2
Grotag Kynhyld
Grovan of the Deep
Haagrud Warrior
Olofsam Drummers
Suza Mancrusher x3
Torgun Dwarf

KNIGHTS = $15.00
Alchemist w/ Elixir
Alchemist Apprentice
Gorman Beastrider x3
Knight of the Black Widow x3
Knight of the Dragon x2
Knights of Valor x3
Lucina's Rouges x3
Men at Arms
Pikemen x4
Royal Bowmen x7
Royal Falconeer x2
Scout x2
Sergeant at Arms x4
Siege Catapult x2
Swordmaidens x6
Warhorse x3

SPELLS, MISSILES, COUNTERS, etc. al. = 0.05$
I've got more level I, II and III spells than I can possible list and all the counters, wound markers, bolts, arrows, and boulders you could possible need to throw on the table for only 0.05$ each ... or FOR FREE if you purchase something else on this page!!!
Legions Box Set #4 = $15.00
Nightmare In Nharwood
Elf & Undead Army Disks Stats
Map of Mennara & Q-S Rules
Legions Rules of Play,
plus the following extras...
Chasm Terrain disk
Cavern Terrain disk
Staging Area disks x4
... and these rules ...
Wastelands Rules of Play
Waiqar's Path Rules of Play
Moon Over Thelgrem RoP
DiskWars Rules of Play
... plus all these extra disks ...
Aargolan Celevran PROMO
Aggra The Hag
Darnati Sorceress
Dead Hounds x4
Domathep Lichlord
Dryad x3
Elven Bard
Elven Dragonfly Patrol
Elven Sniper
Elven Warder
Fairy Swarm x2
Festenwood Tinari
Gnomes of Qurlnyr x2
Irsa, Vampire Queen
Kyalia Riwatani
Layrya The Banshee
Legion of Bones x4
Necromancer Farrenghast
Nonadri Silverglade
Oberien Triamlathari
Oboros the Lich PROMO
Oorlian King of Skeletons
Pixies x2
Prince Leronoth
Solonar Avarnoth
Sonja Ravensblade
Tree Ent
Undead Hoard x4
Vampire Warrior x2
Vhass Frothan

ACOLYTES = $3.00
Damin Skystynger
Desert Witch
Otu Klataan
Physical Adept
Ys'malri of the Void

Battle Wagon
Blood Spider x2
Centaur Archer x3
Centaur of Kunth
Chimera x3
Cockatrice x3
Crimson Eagle of Anomont x2
Fairy Swarm
Firbold the Giant
Golem x2
Heretic x2
Iron Golem x2
Lothron Lion x4
Marshwood Troll x2
Minotaur x2
Mother of Vlleng 2
Peasants x7
Rogue Knight x2
Sasquatch x3
Serpent of Vlleng
Spiderbeast of Xaarrx
Thalos, Centaur Lord
The Might Garnoth
Vlleng Constrictor x2
Vlleng Wormswarm

I'd rather sell the whole faction ... but anything is possible.

Please e-mail with your purchases / trade offers and/or shipping questions.

~ This is what SLDWeb is looking for if you want to trade ... ~

I am desperately looking for the following disks and flats to complete my collection...
RangeWars Singles
DRIFTER: Bounty Hunter, Yeller Belly

Ghost Creek Flats
Just about any DEED you've got to trade, I'd be interested in ... there are a lot of them out there.
Ghost Creek Singles
BC: Devil Bat, Dire Wolves, Hell-bred Gunfighter, Hungry Dead
BS: Beauchamp's Rifleman, Hardened Veteran, Rifle Brigade
DRIFTER: Payin' Customer
Ghost Creek Singles
RD: California Greenhorn, Free Range Cowgirl, Trail Boss
RH: Double-Barrel Surprise, Hangman's Posse, Midnight Home Defender, Sawbones, Special Division Field Tester
If you find something for BS, BC, RH or RD that is not on my Spoiler nor in these lists, I more than likely need that disks / flat in question.
Do You Have?
Waiqar's Path
flats I want / need
10, 19, 46
I'll trade you for them!
Sorry, I do not have any
TI:Armada and/or Red Alert!
disks or flats for sale or for trade.
Do You Have?
Waiqar's Path
flats I want / need
10, 19, 46
I'll trade you for them!

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