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Monday Night Skirmishes Game Report
Thunder's Edge Game Report
by James Hunt


Sorry for the lull in posts, it being the holidays and all we can't seem to get together as often as we'd like. At any rate, on with the report...

This past Monday we played a new FFG game, Thunders Edge. Check out FFG's site for details on this game, but let me quickly say that it is an intense futuristic-strategy game using hexes and chits to represent the world of Thunders Edge and your armies. There is also an expansion to Thunders Edge called Demon Canyon, but we don't own it yet so we didn't play with it.

The Setup: We each chose a color of chits (James-Blue, Dan-Red, Cooper-Purple, and Mike-Green) and then were randomly dealt our factions. The factions were dealt in the following order and these are the starting unites we purchased:

We then setup Centor with the four other random hexes and dealt out the remaining hexes, setup the board, bought our units, and started dropping!

The Game: I rolled highest so started off by dropping a conventional force down on center, dropping then proceeded in a clockwise fashion until we were all done. At the end, it seemed that Mike had been dealt a good hand of hexes as he controlled 2 population centers, a refinery, and an outpost all nestled on one side of the board. I controlled Center, two refineries and an outpost sort of in the center, Cooper controlled 1 population center and 1 refinery, and Dan had control of 1 outpost and 1 refinery.
Alliances were quickly formed, via the alliance card, between Cooper and myself, and Dan and Mike. I secured my foothold on center and my other areas, and Mike did the same for his population center. Fighting then broke out between Cooper and Dan for control of Cooper's population center. Dan initially took the location from Cooper. Cooper then spent several turns laying siege to the population center. Dan was unable to break the siege and so it fell into Cooper's hands and remained so for the rest of the game.
While battle raged on one side of the board, Mike and I continued to build our forces and posture. Being separated by volcanoes and mountains meant that this was going to be a long cold war between us. As the game progressed, it was interesting to note that each of us four were consul at least once.
Finally, on the fifth turn, I made my move against Mike. I used a two pronged attack strategy. Although I was unable to take any locations, or even a hex with a location in it, I was successful (and extremely lucky) in destroying a large number of units of both Mike and Dan while suffering only moderate casualties and making a little head way into Mike's territory. Unfortunately, we had to end the game there, it being a Monday night and us needed to get our beauty sleep. At that point in the game, no clear winner could be declared.

Conclusions: We like Thunders Edge! Now that we have had attacking clarified, we expect the game to be much more fluid; with cities and hexes being traded back and forth. We are also very excited to get and try the expansion for this game. The game impresses us as being somewhat like axis & allies, but with more depth added by the randomness of the hexes, senate phase, off-world locations, missions, and alliance rules. So, if you are looking for a good evening's worth of fun and like strategy and tactics, then this game is for you.