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 TI:Armada Ships

 TI:Armada Crewmen

 TI:Armada Tech

Total war engulfs the galaxy. Trade has grinded to a virtual halt as marauding fleets of hostile cruisers patrol the icy vastness of space. It is an age of flame and death among the stars! The Incursion expansion brings new ships, technology, and personnel to the four races of the Twilight Imperium Armada customizable disk game. Now players can harness the power of Nazon missiles, Mine-layers and Sweepers, Invasion Tanks, Destroyer Class ships and more!

Published by Fantasy Flight Games, Inc.

ARMADA: Fully compatible with the Red Alert disk game published by Wizards of the Coast, Armada introduces the rich and popular Twilight Imperium universe to the disk game format. Filled to the brim with ships of war, personnel, strategy disks, and scenarios, Armada allows players to take control of one of the four major races of the crumbled empire who must battle for glory and survival in a war-torn universe. This series is introduced in four unique starter sets (Barony of Letnev, Emirates of Hacan, Federation of Sol, Sardakk N'orr) and Booster Display units. Release Date March 2001.

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